Q. Does price include delivery?
A. No our prices do not include free delivery or set up.

Q. What if the weather is not favorable?
A. We all hope for the perfect weather conditions for your event, but as we know this is not always the case. If a chance of rain is probable we will keep a close eye on it, we are concerned about the safety of the children and our equipment. If all parties choose to set up, we will provide a tarp, if a shower springs up simply deflate the unit, cover and wait until it passes to reinflate the unit.

Q. When do you set up and tear down the bounce house?
A. Depending on the demands of the business but our usual standards are we will set up the morning of the event, usually by 12:00pm. We will pick the unit up close to dark or the following morning. Special arrangements will be made if your event is at a hall or park so that our equipment is not left unattended.

Q. Do I have to provide a power supply?
A. Yes, we do require a 110V outlet within 100ft of where the unit will be set up, we will supply an extension cord from our blowers to the outlet.

Q. Is a deposit required and what type of payments are accepted?
A. A $100.00 non refundable deposit(WITH THE EXCEPTION OF CANCELATION DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER) is due upon booking with the remaining balance due upon setup. Deposit can be made my credit card or  cash only.  Remaining payment accepted by cash, or major credit card..

Q. What is your cancelation policy?
A. If you must cancel your rental we ask that you do so ASAP. We are a small business and in order for us to keep our prices so reasonable, we staff and plan according to what is booked. The earlier you cancel the better our chances are to rent out that unit. If calculations become an issue we will begin to require a nonrefundable deposit.

Q. Where can the bounce houses be set up?
A. Our most popular set up location is at your home, we will also set up at halls or public parks. If setting up in a location other than private home please check with staff or public officials to be sure it is allowed. They may require proof of insurance, this can be emailed directly to them or mailed to your house to give to them.

Q. What surfaces do you set the bounce houses up on?
A. Our most favorable surface to set up bounce houses would be grass, although we will set up on other surfaces such as pavement and gym floors among others. We ask that you let us know at the time of booking what surface you plan on using so that we bring the proper equipment.

Q. How much space is required to set up a bounce house?
A. This all depends on the unit that is rented, at a minimum the area must be 20'x25' and 10' high. If you are unsure if there is adequate space for the unit that you have rented please let us know and we can give you exact dimensions that are required.

Q. Am I responsible for tears, damage and cleaning to the units I've rented?
A. Yes and no. We are aware that normal wear and tear occurs. If the damage occurs due to abuse or neglect then you are responsible for the price of repair, time involved, or cost of replacement of the unit and or equipment if repairs can not be made. In addition to the price of the rental, there will be a $50.00 cleaning charge for any excessively dirty equipment (example: food, candy, drink, confetti, etc)

Q. How can I prepare for the set up of the bounce house I have rented?
A. Please provide us with any phone numbers at which you may be reached the day of the bounce house rental and have the phone on you in case we need to contact you. Remove any and all debris including but not limited to sticks, rocks and dog dirt.